Ragni has a department devoted to product design, but we also regularly work with renowned external designers to create singular products for our clients. Our lighting is designed to create functional and original urban fixtures that contribute to the character of public spaces.


Porsche Design is a prestigious international luxury brand. Their studio is based in Zell am See, Austria. They place a particular focus on functional, timeless and purist design for their products. This philosophy of functionality, inspired by the design of iconic Porsche cars, has earned the brand more than 170 national and international awards.

The OPUS range of light fixtures is representative of their focus on streamlined products with advanced functionality.



Daniel Coulet is a painter and sculptor. Born in Perpignan, and a man of Toulouse at heart, he now lives and works in Paris. In addition to his personal works, he creates imposing sculptures for local authorities, with his trademark vertical lines, contributing his artistic touch to "places where people pass through and live". He has created a number of light installations for Ragni. The Keor light fixture, as well as Exis, Enara, Kaïros, Alba, Geo and Egide brackets are modern products with an original appearance and strong character.

Download the Coulet Design brochure



Inov is a Belgian industrial design firm. It has designed two of Ragni's iconic autonomous lighting products: the SolarLightV3 with a light fixture bracket that swivels through 180° and SolarLightV4 with specific 3 LED modules.

Specially designed for photovoltaic lighting, SolarLight products are an example of how Ragni has successfully combined design, performance and responsible lighting.



Estech specialises in the development of innovative industrial projects and stands out for its numerous high-profile accomplishments in areas such as transport, real estate and new technology. In conjunction with Ragni, Estech designed Pulse, an innovative and functional LED light fixture with an original design. In partnership with the company Solusun, which specialises in solar technology solutions, Estech also created Sunnypark, a solar bollard light for off-grid areas, parks and gardens, etc.



Ease designers is a communication and design firm located in Paris (18th district) and Cannet (Alpes-Maritimes). Its approach is based on three key ideas: usage analysis, behavioural innovation and solution definition. In line with this approach, Ease designed Initiale, a light fixture for road lighting. The project aimed to provide a durable, entry-level product with an original appearance.



Oxyo Solution - Azambourg Design

The design firm Oxyo and François Azambourg have created a range of urban fixtures for the town La Grande Motte. The Roses des Sables light fixtures were developed by Ragni as part of this original project named "La Grande Motte by Oxyo," which gave rise to the creation of the Rose des Sables 500 LED, which can be fitted with built-in loudspeakers to provide both pleasing aesthetics and functionality.



Designer Albert Jaubert and Ragni have worked together on numerous occasions. This collaboration has produced the Elancia and Melanthia light fixtures, as well as the Hélicope, Surf, Dalia, Cécia, Delphin, Etalia, and Lyparis brackets, and the Vergues and Volute posts.



René Stinville – Lighting designer

René Stinville, a well-known lighting designer, has created this light fixture for Ragni that combines traditional style with modern technology, and provides two different light sources.  Bazas creates a soft candle-lit ambiance while lighting the road or path.