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In the early 1990's, the export development contributed to initiate the international reach of our brand. Today, our export department works with a large network of distributors located around the globe. The will of development of our company also spawned several strategic partnerships, both internationally, with Ragni Lighting and Ragni IC, and technically, with Novéa Energies, French specialist of autonomous urban lighting. Thus, the GROUPE RAGNI was born. We chose to represent our group with a logo directly inspired from the one of the parent company, Ragni, to emphasize the unity of values and ambition that binds the different entities.

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The adventure of GROUPE RAGNI is one of a family growing around the core values of our brand:
> Passion: give the best in one’s craft
> Proximity: remain as close to the needs of everyone
> Creativity: build novelty cultivating tradition


The group subsidiaries are over our ambition: assert the French origin of our luminaires, broadcast a reasoned and appropriate light, and conciliate heritage and continuous innovation.

Discover our subsidiaries' websites:

Ragni groupe Ragni-lighting Ragni-IC Novéa Energies