Composed of an aluminum body and cap and a sandblasted polycarbonate protection with transparent stripes, Cika is a luminous bollard designed for lighting pathways, parks, squares, bicycle paths and residential areas. Available in 2 sizes (900 and 1200 mm), it accommodates 8 or 16 LEDs and allows, via a wide range of color temperatures and photometries, to precisely meet the lighting needs of the project while ensuring compliance with the regulations against light pollution. Cika has a totally tight head IP66 and a resistance index IK10. Equipped with an access hatch that facilitates its installation and maintenance, Cika allows asymmetrical or circular lighting and has been designed to meet PRM standards. The optical part is Zhaga compatible.



Available in 2 sizes: 900 and 1200 mm.

Creation of coordinated projects in association with the luminaire Chic.

Easy installation and maintenance.

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