The exile and the foundations of the company

The Ragni adventure began in 1927. After leaving his native Italy as a political refugee, Victor Ragni arrived in Nice in 1924 and opened his iron workshop in Cros-de-Cagnes three years later. The company soon had about 20 employees. Since the beginning, the making of lanterns has been part of the company’s know-how. Chandeliers, sconces, furniture and other decorative pieces are also made in a friendly atmosphere at the Vespins workshop.


The beginnings of

the family adventure

In 1936, Victor’s son, Joseph, joined his father. He continues the activity with the creativity that characterizes him and creates new models of chandeliers and furniture. He took over after the end of the war in 1946. Already at that time, the company’s influence went beyond the borders of the region.

Immersed in the forge from an early age and raised in the family traditions, the two eldest sons of Joseph, Victor and Roger Ragni, began working with their father in the late 1950s.

At that time, their activity was mainly dedicated to fireplace accessories. Ragni also illuminates the villages in the hinterland of Nice, most of which will give their name to the lanterns that have made Ragni’s reputation throughout the region.


The third generation enters the light

In the early 1960s, the company’s name was changed to “Ferronnerie d’art Ragni et Fils”. In the 1970s, Ragni fulfilled its need for development by building a plant that matched its ambitions. At that time, it became the regional flagship of ironwork and became the number one manufacturer of fireplace accessories.

Marcel is the fifth child of Joseph. He joined the workshop in 1971 as an apprentice ironworker.


The location in the Vallon des Vaux

After Joseph’s death in 1973, his five children Victor, Roger, Marie-France, Laure and Marcel joined forces the following year to create SARL Ragni Frères, which was soon renamed RAGNI. The company is gradually modernizing and Roger takes on the role of head of the family.

In 1974, a new chapter began with the construction of the new factory, located in Vallon des Vaux, which replaces the Vespins workshop.

While Victor and his son Joseph built the foundations of Ragni, the children will succeed together in transforming these foundations into a solid, structured and permanent edifice, recognized throughout France for the quality of its products.


The modern era

In the late 1980s, Ragni began to produce decorative and functional luminaires. The “contemporary” era began in the early 1990s with the arrival of a new generation. The children get involved in the company with their dynamism, their ideas and new methods. Sandra, Victor’s daughter, Stéphanie, Roger’s daughter, and Jean-Christophe, Marcel’s eldest son, then joined the company and contributed to its organization.


The new generation

With this new generation, the departments are expanding within the company and are gradually becoming more industrialized. The opening of the design office, computer graphics, purchasing and international sales are gradually developing. Thanks to the investments and involvement of all, Ragni has been able to consolidate its achievements in public lighting and attract the attention of many cities. Prestigious instalations are multiplying on the national and international level. Jean-Christophe took over the export department in 2004. Stéphane, Marcel’s youngest son, takes charge of the Tourrettes site in the Var, which is used for the production and painting of poles. Over the years, sales management has been consolidated and a marketing strategy has been elaborated. Since the beginning of the 2000s, Ragni no longer confines itself to the production of luminaires; it now designs and develops all its products.


Towards smart lighting & sustainable development

Placed under the sign of transmission, the year 2008 is marked by the passing of the torch to a new generation. Marcel becomes the president of the company and Sandra, Stéphanie, Jean-Christophe and Stéphane become the new leaders. In 2019, Sandra and Stéphanie take new paths. Jean-Christophe and Stéphane, respectively export sales manager and sales manager for France, are now co-directors alongside their father, Marcel.
At the same time, the revolution with the integration of LED modules is underway and is supporting the collective awareness of the challenges of sustainable development.

The inauguration of the new headquarters and logistics warehouse in 2020 , whose construction has lasted several years , offers an efficient, modern and comfortable working environment for all members of the Ragni Team . This brand new space reinforces and defines new goals for the company. It turns out to be the symbol of a new era; that of the smart lighting and sustainable development , without ever forgetting the roots and artisanal values that are the company’s DNA.