Mindful lighting,our reason for being

Mindful lighting is an artificial lighting system with the primary objective of maintaining a certain level of comfort and safety for humans while ensuring the preservation of the ecosystems encountered during the product’s life cycle. For GROUPE RAGNI, this concept is embodied in a global eco-design approach to both product and lighting. From the design process to the recycling of the luminaire, we strive to optimize each stage of the life cycle of our lighting solutions to limit their environmental impact. This involves re-using parts, cross-simulation, standardization, lean manufacturing, retrofitting, smart lighting management, light pollution control, etc.

Our mission is to provide and promote outdoor lighting that is compatible with sustainable land use and respects all ecosystems.

The design of a luminaire is no longer limited to imagining a mold and a light source. Economic, technical, technological, societal and environmental criteria have to be reconciled in a sustainability and performance approach. Mindful lighting helps minimizing disturbance to all ecosystems, whether before, during or after the luminaire is in use.

"Teamwork is the ability of a group to work together toward a common goal. It enables ordinary people to work miracles." - Andrew Carnegie, Scott-American industrialist and philanthropist.

Since the first formulation of our reason for being, we continuously asked ourselves about the meaning of our work, the contribution we wanted to make to the world and the vision we wanted to communicate to our stakeholders. By focusing on a CSR policy that is effectively built around dialogue with them, we cultivate proximity with our partners and collaborators to build together the path towards harmonious development of territories. In 2024, we are calling on our stakeholders to reflect on our corporate mission, which we will be able to affirm as a strong, firm and permanent commitment to all of them.

Our mature CSR invites us to prioritize the sustainable development challenges related to our core activity. A materiality analysis was carried out in 2023.

RAGNI invents the “Rencontres De l’Éclairage Raisonné” (Mindful Lighting Meetings): a dialogue between stakeholders in public lighting.
A day to exchange, to listen to each other, to explain our business challenges related to sustainable development.

The next meeting will be held on October 24, 2024.