Al Maryah Island or the smart example


Abu Dhabi

Completion date


Landscape consultant

Ziad Milli, Cracknell


Al Maryah Island, Abu Dhabi



Lumen At Work

Al Maryah Island, formerly Sowwah Island, is a new and rapidly growing natural island in the north east of Abu Dhabi. Smart and ultra-modern, the island wanted to integrate “smart” technologies into its lighting systems. It therefore turned to the Korner multifunctional bollard, a solution that perfectly meets the requirements of a connected city.

Lumen At Work, a distributor of Ragni products and LED lighting specialist based in the Middle East, worked with Cracknell, a prestigious landscape architecture firm, to create the perfect solution for this project. Cracknell was looking for a streamlined linear design with a personalised identity reminiscent of the surrounding buildings.

In total, 14 Korner bollards were placed in the Global Market Square. Various features were installed:

  • Wifi and USB ports.
  • Loudspeakers dedicated to the communication of public speeches and events organised in the central square.
  • A decorative backlit module has been added to complete the look. It incorporates customised cut-outs of the island’s logo.

The Korner bollard provides both functional and architectural lighting. Fixing splints mean that smart modules – for promotion, management, security, connectivity and services – can be positioned as required.

“For the project presentation, and at the consultant’s request, we carried out lighting studies as well as acoustic studies, for which we had to undergo training with a specialised software. We also assisted the installer with the IT aspects and the configuration of the Wi-Fi network. Therefore, it was a truly comprehensive project that required all our skills.”Thierry Burot, Lumen At Work Chief Technical Officer

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