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85% savings: Marcoussis takes stockof its public lighting modernization project

In 2019, the village of Marcoussis, a green jewel in the Essonne region, has decided to step up its commitment to sustainability by launching an ambitious project to renovate its public lighting at 1109 light points as part of an Energy Performance Contract. The aim was to achieve 72% energy savings, a target that was more than surpassed!
Thanks to the adoption of LED technology and intelligent control systems, the energy consumption of Marcoussis’ public lighting has been drastically reduced. The old energy-hungry high-pressure sodium bulbs have been replaced by energy-efficient LED luminaires which, in addition to consuming less, now provide lighting that complies with the 2018 light pollution decree, perfectly sized and adapted to requirements.

“We were fortunate that the client ordered all the modernization work to be carried out in a very short space of time. This approach is now enabling us to achieve significant results and rapidly see a return on our investment.

Philippe BLANDIN, Public Lighting Manager STÉLENS

By refusing to implement a lighting-out policy, the city has chosen to preserve the nightlife of its fellow citizens.

“Switching off was neither a socially profitable solution, nor an interesting economic choice.
Grâce à l’implémentation d’un système de gestion télégérée au point lumineux permettant de faire de la gradation par quartier, par zone et par heure, la commune a maintenu un niveau minimum d’éclairement et a réalisé une économie d’énergie de 85 %, c’est colossal ! Nous avons également réduit de près de 50 % les frais de maintenance. »

Guillaume JAN
Marcoussis Public Spaces Department Manager

In 4 years, despite the inflationary context, the savings achieved by the town of Marcoussis amount to €734,682 for an investment of €1,071,705 excluding VAT, over 10% of which was financed by CEE. In 2023, at the peak of inflation, the renovation will have enabled the city to divide its bill by almost 4. The project’s return on investment will therefore be achieved in 5 years.
On the ecological front, with around 159 Tonnes Eq Co2 avoided, the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions associated with street lighting energy consumption has contributed to Marcoussis’ commitment to a cleaner, more sustainable future.

Reducing light pollution and preserving biodiversity were an important part of the project. It was this environmental consideration that prompted the town to call on RAGNI’s expertise, installing VENCE flat bowl lanterns in the town center and ATINIA luminaires on the main roads.
Other municipalities seeking to adopt energy-efficient technologies are following this trend, such as La Ferté-Alais and Noisy-le-Roi.

Bruno Charlet, Director of Technical Services for Marcoussis concludes: ” Through this project, we are proving that environmental sustainability can go hand in hand with substantial financial savings. Other local authorities can follow Marcoussis’ example in implementing more environmentally-friendly street lighting solutions, thus contributing to a bright and sustainable future for our planet.

It should be noted that the commune is taking part in the Agenda 2030 process through the Marcoussis 2038 program.

Thanks to Philippe Blandin of STÉLENS and the town of Marcoussis for their testimonials, and to the Etudequipe agency for their expertise.

Case study:Economic balance sheet and social outlook: what services can be imagined to benefit local residents?

To go a step further, with the savings achieved by the town of Marcoussis, we imagined how the town could reinvest the €206,729 saved / year.

10 000 canteen meals
+ 700 meals for seniors

2 bus shelters

15 security cameras

8 benches

8 fountains

1municipal police officer


8picnic tables


2part-time positions as “ATSEM*”

*Specialized nursery school teachers