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Centre Bourg, Prouvy, France



A luminary chosen in the effigy of the town

Located in the north of France in the Nord-Pad-de-Calais region, Prouvy is a small French town that covers 4.4 km2 and has a population of nearly 2 400. As part of the revitalization of its center, the town launched a call to project to develop public spaces in the center of Prouvy. The urban project included three phases:

  • The development of a public space through which several streets converge towards the heart of the block
  • The creation of two building lots for housing, supported by Partenord Habitat
  • – In addition to this project which is supported by Valenciennes Métropole, there is a project to relocate local shops

The formalization of the converged space in the heart of the town led to the choice of contemporary and distinctive street lighting equipment.

Anna-Maria, our sales representative in the area represented by LUMIRU EP, explains that :

« the city wanted to have a luminaire that was truly unique in terms of design with a desire to customize it with the town’s logo in order to stand out. »

«The Fragment range, presented by the LUMIRU EP agency in 2020, corresponded to the hushed and friendly atmosphere of this peaceful space that is truly dedicated to pedestrians » comments Vincent Le Bras, Landscape Designer at Envergure.

Composed of a cone-shaped dome, the Fragment model is distinguished by its lampshade-like design to blend harmoniously into this urban setting. The town of Prouvy chose a grey anthracite finish adorned with openwork cut-outs in custom green patterns. The height of the lights of 4 meters, associated with a detection of presence, bring peace and serenity to this space dedicated to strolling.

The choice of detection of presence demonstrates the desire on behalf of the town to implement reasoned lighting in order to limit the energy consumption.

The possibility of personalizing the lighting equipment with a luminaire identified with the town’s colors reinforced the project manager’s selection.

Design of the openwork cut-out based on the town's logo

The use of the KUBI pole with a square wood sublimation made it possible to blend in with the overall design, both in terms of the connections with the modular elements and in terms of the pure and rather discreet line associated with the choice of furniture, integrating harmoniously with the natural environment that was sketched.

This project was carried out in collaboration with the EVERGURE Agency Landscape Designers / Atelier AD’AUC Architect, urbanists, and VERDI Engineering Technical Design Office (phase DET). The work was carried out by SATELEC SAS Agency of TRITH SAINT LEGER.

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