With a retro style inspired by old oil lanterns, Bazas is a hybrid creation that mixes tradition and modernity. Its square section mast asserts its presence and the luminaire, with two light sources, is a lantern whose four sides are in methacrylate and the upper and lower parts in aluminium foundry. The bracket, made of a tube of rectangular section, is curved and fixed to the mast in the manner of a wall fixture. The driver is located in the lower part. In the center, a 6W LED reproduces the light of a candle. At the bottom, a module from 8 to 48 LED protected by a tempered glass IK08 and waterproof IP06 allows, via a wide range of color temperatures and photometries, to precisely meet the lighting needs of the project.



Candle effect in the upper part.

High performance LED lighting in the lower part.

Suitable for modern or traditional places.

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