Archy O, the majestic luminaire


May 2022


Eiffage Énergie Systèmes – Infra Rhone Alpes




Rond-point de l’hippodrome, La Tour-de-Salvagny, France



Designed by the F.A. Porsche studio, Archy imposes with the delicacy of its curves and seduces with its poise. Deliberately majestic, Archy offers full compatibility with all Zhaga standards and can accommodate various intelligent options as well as a dynamic display, placing itself in effigy of smart lighting.


Standing 6 meters high, with a ring circumference of 2.3 meters and weighing 400kg, the Archy luminaire has been placed in the centre of a roundabout in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes.


We interviewed Michaël Charrière, sector referent at SIGERLy, the Lyon region’s energy management association, to find out more about this unique project.

Ragni: What were the criterias for the project in terms of functionality and design?

Michaël Charrière “The overall objective was to remove the most energy-consuming lighting fixtures in the community, creating a differentiating visual line, in order to distinguish the commune from its neighbors in terms of urban lighting fixture. In 2017, the construction of the A89 motorway with the creation of the «La-Tour-de-Salvagny» entrance/exit, and the requalification of the roadway by the Metropolis of Lyon, sounded the kick-off for this new line. It was translated into sets of the RAGNI range composed of the ATINIA SLIM luminaire on a curved IRO mast at a height of 6 meters in front of each other, thus creating a luminous arch effect that guides us towards the center of the town.”

Ragni: Why did you choose the Archy O luminaire?

Michaël Charrière: “I had fallen in love with an image presented at the Light & Building show in Frankfurt, which I took back and deleted some options such as the TV screen (which was on the sides in the initial design). I presented it to the municipality, which also loved the unique design of this luminaire and agreed to install it. This is a project that required a lot of patience, as there were 4 years between the imagery and the actual installation of the mast. A delay related to many events such as the change in lighting regulations in late 2018, and of course the health crisis. But the wait was worth it and the result is magnificent!”

Archy O was a project as atypical as it was titanic.

Originally, a company won the contract in Dubai and contacted the Porsche studio for the design. The studio proposed Ragni to conceive and realize the project. Time flies and three years and five designers later, Archy O is born!

Soliciting no less than seven (European) suppliers just for the Archy O halo, it already weighs 400 kg. It is composed of 32 PCBs with a total of 128 LEDs

Our ovens could not accommodate the gigantic ring-shaped light with a circumference of 2.3 meters rising to 6 meters high, so the painting was done by a subcontractor.

Archy O is deliberately majestic.

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