Interview Lumen At Work

Introduce yourself and LAW!

F.J.: “I created Lumen At Work after acquiring 10 years of experience in LED lighting through various functions and companies.”

T.B.: “Based in the UAE for 20 years, I am a specialist in LED and the DIALux software. I started working with François in 2019.”


What are the specificities of your market in terms of public lighting?

T.B. and F.J.: “The Middle East market is extremely competitive, with a large number of players in the field of urban lighting. Some countries, like Oman, have recently started investing in the renewal of their aging public lighting system.”


Where is your market in environmental awareness?

T.B. and F.J. The UAE has become increasingly aware of environmental challenges in recent years. The UAE wants to position itself as a regional pioneer in terms of sustainable development, is investing in renewable energy and is turning to less energy-intensive and more environmentally friendly lighting solutions.”


Is solar lighting very present there? If not what?

T.B. and F.J. Solar lighting is present of course, but sometimes the low quality of installed products, often locally manufactured with old battery technology, makes the customer experience unconvincing. We have a lot of educating to do with customers to make them understand that autonomous and sustainable lighting requires the use of the latest LED, battery and control technologies.”


What is the Ragni project you are most proud of?

T.B. and F.J.: “We are very proud of the Al Maryah Island project in Abu Dhabi, which showcases RAGNI’s Smart solutions with the use of the Korner multifunctional bollard.”