Light pollution at the heart of the project





General contractor


Electrical company

Bagelec Reunion


New River Bridge, Saint-Denis river, Réunion


Road and utility companies



Vincent Capla, Ragni

The New Saint-Denis River bridge saw the installation of 106 luminaires. 43 of these are Griff XL luminaires on EXIS consoles, all with a colour temperature of 2700K, and 63 are Slide L luminaires (10 with 2700K and 53 with 3000K) with elm veneer. Slide luminaires were installed for the urban part of the project.

The 2700K is a warmer color temperature which reduces the impact of the amount of blue light in artificial light spectra and, as a result, reduces light pollution.

The Griff XLs were placed on the 110-metre-long New River bridge, which is a flight corridor (listed by the SEOR, Ornithological Research Society) for Barau’s petrels, a species of bird which is endemic to Réunion and known for being particularly sensitive to cold temperatures.

Light pollution is a serious problem for these birds, which can be attracted and deceived by the artificial lights when they are leaving their nests to head to the ocean for the first time. When they slam into luminaires, this can sometimes prove fatal or leave them seriously injured, but most of the time they simply crash to the ground.

The intensity of stadium lights is probably what causes a large proportion of these accidents. The species, therefore, needs to be protected. Anything that can be done by way of land use planning and awareness raising among local people and elected officials to reduce this risk of disorientation due to outdoor lighting is strongly encouraged. Several towns have joined SEOR in signing charters and agreements to reduce external light pollution and help rescue injured birds. Warm light, as provided by Griff XL luminaires, can help to protect local biodiversity and reduce the environmental impact of lighting.

The Association Nationale pour la Protection du Ciel et de l’Environnement Nocturnes (ANPCEN – National Association for the Protection of the Night Sky and Environment) cites studies which have shown the harmful effects of public lighting on the balance of flora and fauna. Many species have been forced to modify their behaviour due to inappropriate lighting. So it’s important to find a balance for better and mindful lighting.

The Griff XL luminaire is designed for street lighting. In the form of an elongated trapezoid, it has cooling fins on the underside for thermal management. . It can take 8 – 80 LED in a wide range of color temperatures and photometrics, which means that it can fully satisfy the project’s lighting requirements and comply with light pollution regulations.

The Slide L luminaire is designed for urban and ambient lighting. It is 100% aluminium, artistically designed, and is available in 5 versions (1, 2 or 4 lamps). Designed to be positioned parallel to the roadway, Slide offers an elegant alternative to luminaires that hang over the area to be lit.

The luminaires also have a NEMA socket with a connecting node for remote management.

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